Multimedia Accessibility Services

We live in an age where audio and video rules the world, giving us many entertainment and educational opportunities. It also means that deaf or hard of hearing people can't access most of this content or blind people don't have full access to the visual parts of videos. Captioning and descriptions can help solve these limitations. EZFire's team can help you caption, describe or organize your multimedia accessibility.

Caption or transcribe audio and video

Many organizations have a need to make sure that their videos are captioned or transcribed. It could be the same for online or physical media based audio. If you have to comply with CVAA or other regulations, provide captioning for educational content or wish to grow your audience, let our team help you. Captioning will make sure that your video and audio files are fully accessible to deaf or hard of hearing people. Captioning and transcription will also help your multimedia content be more searchable.

Describe your videos

Audio description for videos is a process in which shorts descriptions are added during the pauses between dialogues. This is done because it helps blind or visually impaired people understand the visual action. Sounds and other clues could help understand the action as well. Description is often useful for educational and entertainment videos in which important information is given. Let our team work with you to create these descriptions and insert them in your videos. We can also work with you to provide training on how this process is done.

Organize your captioning and description

Other than giving you direct captioning and descriptive services, we can work with you to incorporate the creation and distribution of descriptive services and captioning within your organization. We'll not only give you training, but also consult with you on how to manage these services for your organization's unique needs.