Book: Designing and Developing iOS with Accessibility

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In the past few years, Apple's iOS has become the largest platform for mobile apps. Many companies from industries like banking, travel, government, libraries, and others as well as individuals are making apps available to their customers. Over 700,000 apps are now available on the App store.

The challenge is how to make all of these apps accessible to a growing customer base of disabled users. Luckily, Apple has done a fantastic job of creating a good platform on which apps can be written with accessibility in mind.

Learn from EZFire's Founder and CEO as he explains what goes into a successful app in a new book to be published soon. Designing and Developing iOS With Accessibility, to be published in spring 2013, will not only give you a good technical foundation on iOS accessibility, it will give you a detailed way to consider app development. It will be a look at your design, your testing and your development to help you understand how a true accessible mobile app comes together on iOS.

You will learn from industry leading iOS experts to find out what they think about iOS development and accessibility on the platform.

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Let our team work with you as you develop your mobile apps to make sure that accessibility is a full part of your workflow. From code review to testing,>/a> we can be your partner. We can give your team the training it needs to be the best at designing and developing mobile apps with accessibility fully incorporated in them.