Product Development

We pay attention to your product development cycle. Web site, cell phone, mobile app, television, set top box, DVR or something else you're developing, our team will work closely with you to make sure that accessibility is a part of your process.

Design to be inclusive

Let us work with you to design the best products and services in the industry. Our teams work closely with your developers and engineers to design the products that will meet everyone's needs. Not only do we focus on meeting the requirements, but we focus on the user. Standards are only one part of meeting the challenge of accessible product design. The experience your users will have when encountering your product will go a long way to converting your users to loyal customers.

We begin with design and end with design. Good, inclusive design will go a long way toward innovation. We work with you side by side to create products and services that will delight your users. We'll do that by focusing on how your products will be actually used.

Develop with accessibility

No matter what development platform you use, our team will be here to advise you on how to make your product, software or web site fully accessible by using the tools you've chosen. Before you even decide to choose your tools, we will help you plan accessibility so that you understand what features will or will not be available to you. Whether you use Windows, Mac, iOS, Android or something completely different for your software, you need to understand how accessibility plays with your tools. If you're developing a hardware product, you'll need to understand how your hardware will need to behave. Let EZFire's understanding of standards, user experience, tools, and functional needs guide you toward the best products you can create.