21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act

Make the complicated law simpler

The first of its kind to require accessibility to specific categories of products, the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) was signed into law in October of 2010. It covers a vast array of teleccommunication products and services. From video captioning to web browser accessibility, the range of products and services are complicated. They include real-time text chats and Advanced Communication Services (ACS).

the EZFire team has direct experience with the regulations process for CVAA. We can help you make sense of the requirements. We can also help you make sense of the rapidly changing world in which these regulations exist. Most important, we can help you get in touch with the users who will be the ultimate beneficiaries of your services.

Manage CVAA at your organization

CVAA affects small and large firms. It affects mobile manufacturers and telephone cariers. It affects video creators and television equipment manufacturers. We have the experience and the knowledge to work with your teams to make CVAA an integral part of your day-to-day workflow. We help answer questions like where does the ultimate responsibility for CVAA lie in your organization.

Let our management consulting services work with your unique team to make the best effort at complying with CVAA.

Make our training seminars work for your organizational structure

We've designed special training packages that will allow us to customize based on your needs. Our team has worked hard to organize the requirements for CVAA to give you the best set of training you will receive. Specialists will work with you to offer training on topics like product design and people with disabilities, documenting accessibility effort at your organization, web development based on latest industry standards, advanced communication services and testing your products to get the best results.

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Design to be inclusive

Let us work with you to design the best products and services in the industry. Our teams work closely with your developers and engineers to design the products that will meet everyone's needs. Not only do we focus on meeting the requirements, but we focus on the user. Standards are only one part of meeting the challenge of accessible product design. The experience your users will have when encountering your product will go a long way to converting your users to loyal customers.

We work with you side by side to create products and services that will delight your users. We'll do that by focusing on how your products will be actually used.

Make your internal standards count

CVAA gives you lot of flexibility in creating accessibility in your organization and the products you offer. This also creates challenges. Our teams specialize in usable, inclusive design and standard creation process. WE will work closely with you to create internal standards for your organization that map to CVAA requirements. We will also help you monitor to understand if those standards are enough to make your products and services usable and accessible to disabled users.

We'll help answer questions about web and mobile development. Our specialists will give you information on mobile apps and device specific guidance. Where do standards fit into your organization structure? DO you have enough internal policies to meet the requirements? Can your organization hold up over a long period of time? Let us work with you to set up a set of standards, policies and procedures that will help you meet the challenge.

Make your documentation count

CVAA regulations require a stringent set of guidelines for documenting your accessibility efforts. Depending on the size of your organization, your responsibilities will differ. We'll work with you to define your responsibilities under CVAA and help you come up with a set of documentation requirements for the products or services you offer.

Test that design

One of the biggest challenges you face is finding the people who will actually use your products and seek their feedback when you design. Our team of disabled users with expertise in testing will help you make sure that your product goes through the most rigorous set of testing. Learn more about our managed testing services to find out more.

Involve users with disabilities during and after your design.

Make your multimedia read and speak

If you need to caption your videos or need to create audio description, let our team work with you. Our specialists will manage your multimedia accessibility needs. We'll work with you to create organization-wide strategies and standards to deal with accessible multimedia creation.

Let us be your guide in meeting the complicated challenge that CVAA can be.