Accessible Document Management Services

If your organization is anything like us, you generate hundreds or thousands of electronic documents each year. Presentations, research, publications, legal contracts or internal memos, there is a big chance that disabled users will need to access your documents. Work with our team to manage your documents in the right way for all users.

Create accessible documents from the start

The first step to making sure that your disabled users have access to all your documents is to create them to be accessible from the start. Let our team show you you how to do it. Our customized training on accessible document creation will be specific for your organization. We'll work with you to include your organizational structure in the training. More important though, our team can work with your organization to create a plan for generating accessible documents in all parts of the enterprise. Once the plan is created, we can help you put it into place and monitor to see how it can be improved. Whether one of your administrative assistants creates your presentation or the legal department generates the PDF contract, you will be ready to meet the challenge of accessible document creation.

Convert your documents to accessible formats

But what if you have many old documents that aren't accessible? What if you're getting documents from many different sources and you can't guarantee that they'll be accessible? Work with our team to make sure that all your documents are fully accessible. If your organization has many old documents that weren't prepared correctly, we can help you convert them. IF your organization does not have the capability of generating accessible documents from the start, we will work with you to convert them quickly. PDF documents, PowerPoint files, epub documents, Microsoft Word documents or others are often the formats we're asked to work with. Let us be your document conversion source.