Managed Testing Services

How do you guarantee that the product you've designed or the web site you've created works the way you intended? Are your asisstive technology users going to find it as easy and as flexible as you think it is? EZFire's testing process will make sure that you receive feedback early and often about your product. When you test, you get an affirmation of all the work you've put in.

Test early; Test often

Testing is something you do when you begin planning your product; it should not be something you do when you're almost at the end. You're not only testing your final product; you're also testing your ideas. Our team specializes in making sure that you get the feedback from users when you plan and design. Wireframe and prototype reviews will tell you if your thinking meets user expectations and the needs of disabled users. User experience research will allow you to confirm your ideas. Our team will work with you side by side to design your product well.

Test when you build

Once you've put in a lot of hours designing, you often go into building and production. Whether you use Agile or Waterfall, testing is key. Our team can help you design a testing process that fits your workflow. It can involve our team members or assistive technology users looking at what you've built to make sure it works.

Our teams will work with you to conduct detailed code reviews and help you build your product the right way. We can look at your manufacturing process to see if there are any holes or if there is something you could do better. Ongoing work with our team will make your final product even better.

Test when you've finished building

Many organizations go through quality assurance (qa) for their productsafter they've finished building. We can work with you to make sure that you involve people with disabilities as a partof your qa. Not only do we work with you by setting up the process, but we can work with you to do the actual testing. Just like our user experience research, we have dedicated and trained staff who have many hours of experience doing testing. We can either manage that testing for you or work with your team to train them on how to conduct qa with disabled users.

Rely on our testers to get you the results that you need. No matter how you want your testing results we are here for you. If you want us to perform scripted user accepted testing (uat), let our team manage scripts, testers and the results. Or, just like qa, we can work with you to integrate uat in your organizational structure.

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