Full Section 508 Suite ofServices

Approved in 2001, Section 508 guidelines require the federal government to purchase electronic and information technologies that are accessible. The guidelines also require that all public facing web sites be accessible to people with disabilities.

If your organization is required to follow Section 508 guidelines so that your web sites, your software or your electronic products like copiers, printers and mobile phones are accessible, our team can help you. Our team can also help you if you are a contractor and and need to sell accessible products to the U.S. federal government. This list shows you the types of services we make available. Get in touch with us to find out how we can customize our management services to meet your needs.

Section 508 services we provide

Training services
EZFire will customize a training package to meet your organization's needs to make sure that your staff is fully trained on Section 508 requirements. The training will be based on the role that your organization plays in providing services to the public, government employees or to the federal government itself.
Product, software, hardware and web site evaluations
Make sure that the products you develop for the federal government meet with the standards set by the Access Board. let our team of specialists work with you to evaluate your products and show you how to create accessible products.
Ongoing consultations from development to deployment to updates
Our team is available to you when you start planning your product for the federal government. We'll helpyou establish a plan to make the product fully accessible. We will work with your team to set technical standards, conduct code review, help correct potential errors and, finally, test your product. We'll also be available as you update the product for future use.
Testing your products
Before your product is available to the public or the federal government, we can help you test it by making sure that users with assistive technologies can fully use your product. Our trained users of assistive technologies (including screen readers) will be there for you. See our testing page for much more detail on our managed testing process.
Purchasing the right product
If you need to make sure that the product you're purchasing is accessible, we're here for you. We can also help you establish a process to make sure that everything that you purchase is accessible to people with disabilities. Our specialists will work with your team to meet your organizations procurement goals.

Section 508 can be manageable with our help.