Accessible Publishing Services

Traditionally, blind or visually impaired people have not had access to many books. Only in recent times services like iBooks and Barnes and Noble's market place are giving disabled people some choice about newly published books. but these electronic book distribution services are as good as the books which are included on them. Let our publishing specialists show you how your electronic books can reach hundreds of millions of people with disabilities.

Design books to be accessible from the start

When you choose your book formats, you will find that you have options about how accessible your books can be. Some book formats are better than others. Epub 3, the most up-to-date industry standard, provides many possibilities for making your book accessible for disabled users. Let our team show you how to design your Epub books for the best distribution. Other books formats like PDF can also be accessible. We'll work with you to get it right from the start. DO you have special material that you need converted? we can help.

Convert existing books

Do you have an older catelog of electronic books which you need converted to the latest accessible epub (or another) format, let our team work on that for you. Or let our team be a part of your digital publoishing workflow. We can become the ultimate place that you can turn to.

Train yourself on the latest standards

If you are a publisher or a contractor, you need to understand the latest standards and techniques on how to make your electronic books accessible to disabled users. Let our experience work for you. We will customize a training package for your organization's needs. Or subscribe to our newsletter to find out the date of our next seminar on electronic publishing and accessibility.

We have worked with large and small publishers as well as independent contractors to help them understand how accessibility can benefit their readers. Let us do the same for you.